Data Input required intermediate processing via punched paper tape or card and separate input to computers, usually for overnight processing. Data required validation in batches. All of this was a repetitive, labour intensive task, removed from user control and error-prone. Invalid or incorrect data needed correction and resubmission...

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Fully Staffed IT Department: Unmatched IT support – for a flat monthly fee – with affordable and predictable IT budgets. Unlimited Phone Support: Call any time from any location – real IT solutions always available with little or no wait time.

B&T Technoligies provides valuable services to your organisation, delivering technical expertise where it is most needed. We have managed many projects of many different sizes for small business right through to Universities and Blue Chip clients.

Many of our services are managed through carefully selected partners to ensure that the best products and services are combined for your solution.

Software Development / Internet Application Development

B&T Technologies provides bespoke development for problems that can be solved through Web based applications, many of these projects are to improve business throughput and process and eliminate duplication of effort, thereby improving efficiency. Development is usually undertaken in PHP or Python and being web-based is available to anyone with a web-browser and permission to use the application.

Many of these projects are client-facing for the organisation we deploy to and can be anything from enquiry forms to project management and support ticketing tools.

Infrastructure Services

B&T Technologies regularly provides consultancy to companies who are worried about their IT infrastructure. We can provide advice on Internet connectivity, site-to-site connectivity, disaster recovery, network management, software management, hosting and a variety of other topics. We can also undertake projects on your behalf managing the integration of many services into your organisation and providing you with a single point of contact.

Website Development

All of our team are expert web developers with vast experience in HTML, XHTML, PHP, Python and CSS. Our sites are typically designed with several factors in mind:

  • Usability - ease of navigation, readable content
  • Accessibility - can visually impaired people use your site?
  • Search Engines - is your site conducive to being indexed by search engines?

Many of our clients trust us to develop and maintain a web presence on their behalf, if you would be interested in having a site developed and/or maintained by us then please do get in touch.

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